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Re-Entry Barriers

There are several challenges and barriers for an ex-offender transitioning from incarceration: housing, employment and transportation. These challenges that are encountered by the majority of offenders returning into society can seem overwhelming. 

Without housing reentry success is hindered. At Offender Housing a safe, secure and comfortable residence is a crucial component of our rehabilitative goals.  Our residents advise and support  one another regarding the resources to success and prepare new residents to overcome the setbacks that will surely arise. We further assist our tenants by maintain community partnerships that provide additional services. Its by this cooperative effort that Offender Housing  is able to support our clients in meeting all of their treatment objectives. 

We've already done the leg-work required to locate and secure offender-friendly housing saving our tenants and their loved ones the hassle and headaches. Welcome home to Offender Housing!

Our Purpose

Offender Housing is an independent-living halfway house based in  Orlando, Florida. We mediate resources for offender’s who are wholly committed to successfully reintegrating into local communities throughout Florida. Through collaborative partnership agreements, Offender Housing is able to provide transition housing, low-income residences, vocational training, medical care and other services to meet a tenant's specific goals in an effort to promote and reinforce rehabilitative objectives. Through lifelong encouragement, accountability and proactive support, former criminal offenders are mentored to overcome all the challenges of building a new life. Our purpose is break, permanently, the cycle of recidivism and contributing to the communities they once transgressed.

Our Commitment

Our residents are placed in specially selected homes that are pre-approved for Registered Sex Offenders. These residences comply with Florida Department of Law Enforcement guidelines and meet the criteria for sex offender regulations. Residents are monitored on a regular basis by the Sheriff’s Department and FDLE, and may be visited several times a week by a probation officer.  Offender Housing consultants coordinate with classification teams, probation/parole, the tenant and other interested parties to individualize a treatment plan that is compliant with probationary housing limitations.  

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